Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Living - Peachwave Versus Cherry Berry?

So I have a confession to make.  Well, do I dare say it?  Okay, as long as you don't think different of me.  In the previous 5 days I have been to Peachwave twice and Cherry Berry once.  Okay, I said it!  First step to addiction recovery, admitting you have a problem, right?! :-)

I talked hubby into going to Peachwave on Friday, it being his first time he was all about taking the trip.  And then the next night I hinted around to him at supper that it would be fun to try Cherry Berry (it being both of our first time) in the same weekend so that we could do a fair comparison of both spots.

Guess where we got to go later that evening?!  Cherry Berry!

And don't tell the hubs, but the kiddos and I snuck to Peachwave on Monday after a few hours at the spray park!  It's our little secret!

So which one is better?  Hmm?  Should I first say, the kids could care less...they LOVE both!

I honestly don't think there is a fair comparison, because although they are both similar in nature, they definitely have their distinct, yet unique differences. 

Both are fun, self-serve low fat/no fat frozen yogurt shops.  And may I say that they both try and trick you into thinking you don't have much of their yummy goodness in their gynormeous bowls!  It worked on the kids and hubby, but I have you figured out. LOL!

Here are my positive notes for both:

*Awesome customer service!  Each time I have been to Peachwave (3 times now) the employees are engaged with the customers and helpful.  Offering samples and giving a little hint on what to do.
*Tastey yogurt choices with tons of toppings.  Yummo, Pineapple!  (Cherry Berry did not have this one)
*Coupon on Falls Food good for 10% off your purchase.  Expires 6/30/11.  Sure hope they update with another one when this one expires!!
*Frequent shopper program.  With every $20 purchased you will automatically earn 10% off.  Just mention it at your purchase and give them your phone number.  Each purchase will be added.
*Quiet "neighborhood", nice to sit outside

Cherry Berry
*Cute and comfortable seating.  Love the couches!  So comfortable!  My hubby suggested we paint our livingroom the same green color!
*Tastey yogurt choices and a lot of great toppings.  Yummo, White Chocolate Mousse!  (Peachwave did not have this one)
*Like how several of the toppings are located in dispenser containers rather than "buffet" type style. Seems more streamlined.

So tell me, do you have a preference?!


  1. We haven't been to Peachwave yet, but we LOVE Cherry Berry! And White Chocolate Mousse is my favorite. So if Peachwave doesn't have that, maybe I will stick with Cherry Berry???

  2. each place rotates their flavors...so it's possible Peachwave will get it...I'm not sure the schedule of changing them...but Peachwave had a peanut butter one which sounds yuckie but was told it was SOOOOO good!....I also love that Peachwave has interesting facts about why yogurt and how it's better for you!!! Peachwave also had moochi which is similar to marshmellows but a little more chewy....my vote is for PEACHWAVE!!!!