Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saving - Locals: Elegant Mommy Sidewalk Sale - Maternity Clothes As Low As $1!

Head on over to Elegant Mommy on Friday from 10 AM - 6 PM.  They will be having a sidewalk sale, with nice deals including maternity clothes as low as $1!

Saving - Hidden Valley Ranch $1 Off Coupon!

Woot!  By far my fave ranch!  And now an awesome coupon to go with it!  Grab a $1 off Hidden Valley Ranch coupon over here on their Facebook page!

Saving - HyVee Weekly Ad Matchup and Top Picks! Plus LOCALS: Free Kids T-shirt?!

For those of you in Sioux Falls, I am happy to report that the HyVee on Louise Ave is offering up some patriotic T-shirts for the little ones today!  After heading through the check-out, there is a table set up with them and they are free for the kiddos!  I know the picture above is not the best, it was enough to actually get them to put the shirts on over their clothes to pose, so it will do! lol! :-)  The t-shirts are while supplies last, of course.  Thank you, HyVee!

For a full week's ad matchup go over here.

Here are my top picks for this week at HyVee:

Pepsi product 12-pack Cans or 6 pack bottles 4/$9 with in-ad HyVee coupon
Use: Free 12 pack cans or 6 pack bottles when you purchase 4 Manufacturer coupon found in the Sunshine ad or Shopping News Sunshine ad!
= 5 for $9 or $1.80 each!

Bar-S Hot dogs, $.98
Use $1/2 5/22 RP
= $.48 each wyb 2

Weber Marinades $.50
Use $1/1 5/22 or 6/26 SS
= Free
*your mileage may vary depending on store

Sabra Hummus B1G1 Free, $3.99
Use 2 $1/1 6/26 SS
= $1.99 or $.98 each

Smart Balance Milk half gallon $1.88
Use $1.50/1 6/5 SS
= $.38

Johnsonville Smoked Sausage or Cooked Brats $2.69
Use $1/1 Chicken Sausage 6/19 SS
= $1.69

Claussen pickles, varieties $3
Use $2/1 here (no longer available)
= $1

Wheat Thins $2
Use $1/2 here
= $1.50 each wyb 2 (this is the most I pay for crackers)

Ritz Crackers, variety $2
Use $1/2 6/19 SS
= $1.50 each wyb 2 (this is the most I pay for crackers)

Saving - Target: (As Low As) Free Cutter Backwoods Insect Repellent!

Be sure to check out your outdoor section in Target.  Seems many items are being clearanced out as high as 75% off already!

One of the items I found was the Cutter Backwoods Insect Repellent for $1.98
Use $2/1 coupon here
= Free

Also available: $1.50/1 5/22 RP (Just $.48 after coupon!)

Saving - Locals: **HOT**$20 of Choice Meats for $10!

I am so happy this deal is back!  I completely forgot to grab it when it was up under the Keloland Spotlight NOW while you are thinking about it (kind of scolding myself here), go over here to Groupon and grab $20 worth of tastey meats from J&M Specialty Meats located inside of Country Meats for just $10!

I posted the prices and ideas below in my Spotlight post and think they will help you decide if you want to grab this deal as well!  This would be a GREAT first Groupon purchase, if you have never done one before! 

Keep in mind that prices will vary by sizes, but here are a few I noticed:
*The brats we picked up were 5 brats in a package for $5.19
*The hamburger patties were 1/3 pound each and there were 6 in a package for around $9+
*Ground Chuck 1 pound tubes were a little over $4

Deal Scenario with today's Spotlight:
Purchase 4 packages of brats at around $5.19 a package
= $20.76 + tax
Pay with $20 Groupon
= $.76 + whatever tax
*So for around $11 (plus tax) you get 4 pkgs of brats

Awesome deals to be had!  Grab your Groupon now!

Living - Whatchya Got Cookin'?! A Little Kid-Friendly Patriotism Through Food!

Picture from Family Fun website
I was lucky enough to happen upon this great recipe through Family Fun.  It is a great mixture of fun, patriotism with food and taste!  And best of all it is a nice, kid-friendly recipe.  Get them in the kitchen with you!

Patriotic Strawberries made in my kitchen!
Patriotic Strawberries

What you need:
12 oz White Chocolate Chips
Blue sugar

What to do:
*Wash strawberries and allow to dry completely.
*Melt white chocolate chips in microwave as directed on package.
*Dip bottom half of strawberry in melted chips.
*Then dip into blue sugar
*Place on waxed paper until hard


*I am also going to try a version of the above strawberries by making my fruit dip recipe, similar to this one.  Dip strawberries in fruit dip and then sprinkle with blue sugar.  Place directly to serving dish.  These won't dry and will be a bit more messy, but sure to be another tastey and fun version.

*I found 16 oz Driscolli strawberries on Price Decline at my HyVee for just $1.44!  Hope you can find these too!

For this and other "Whatchya Got Cookin'? recipes, go over here!  Feel free to also send me an email with your favorite, tried and true recipes!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saving - Bath & Body Works $10 Off $30 Coupon!

Here is a great coupon if you are planning on stocking up at Bath & Body Works!  Get $10 off a $30 purchase!  And the coupon is good through 7/5/11.

Saving - Free Kikkoman Seasoning at HyVee?!

Have you printed the $1/1 Kikkoman product coupon here?  If not, you can grab it now and possibly grab a free Kikkoman seasoning pack at HyVee!

Kikkoman seasoning packets (variety) $.89
Use $1/1 Kikkoman product above
= Free

Please note that your mileage may vary on this deal.  The online HyVee coupon policy indicates that they will not honor a coupon if it is over the amount of the product price.  However, the manager at each store can decide whether or not they follow this.  So be prepared.

Saving - Coupon Grab Bag!

Thought I would throw a list together again, since there are quite a few nice coupons available.  Hope you find a few to grab!

Emerald Breakfast On The Go Product $1/1 here

Fruit of the Loom socks $1/1 here on Facebook

Keebler Granola Fudge Bars $.75/1 here (I have seen these at Target for $2.50, so $1.75 after coupon)

Red Gold Tomatoes can $1/4 here

Scotch Brand product coupons have reset with new expiration of 9/30/11 here

Skittles, Starburst or Life Saver 13-16 oz bags $1/1 here (zip 90210 if you don't see it)

Starbucks Ice Cream pint (yummo!) $.75/1 here

Wheat Thins $1/2 here on Facebook

Wholly product $1.50/1 here

Saving - HyVee: Keebler & Sunshine Crackers 50% Off!

This week you can grab Keebler and Sunshine brand crackers for 50% off at HyVee.  When I was in HyVee the other day I made sure to check out the pricing on many of these.

Keebler crackers seemed to mostly be marked at $3.79 regular price, so $1.90 after discount.

*A couple Keebler brand cracker coupons are available over at Snack Picks.
Toasted Crackers $1/2
Town House Crackers (Including Flips) $1/2

So grab these crackers as low as $1.40 a box, when you buy 2.

Sunshine brand crackers all seemed to be marked at $4.39 regular price, so $2.20 after discount.

There was one Sunshine brand cracker at a price decline price of $3.19, the regular Cheez-Its or $1.70 after discount.

Saving - Hot Shot Fireworks Store Tips!

Hey there!  Did you grab the hot Keloland Spotlight deal for Hot Shot fireworks (no longer available)?  I wanted to give you a couple tips if you haven't already headed out to get your fireworks.  The kiddos and I went today and I hope to help you be a little more prepared than we were!

*Leave the kids at home! LOL!!!! :-)  Couldn't resist this tip.  Wow, the kids had fun picking out their fireworks.  And of course the two year old had to carry a grocery basket throughout the store.  Made the trip that much more exciting, if you know what I mean! 
*You CAN use the Hot Shot ad coupons with your Keloland Spotlight!  I have only seen a couple that came with the Sioux Falls Shopping News this week, but it did make for additional savings!  If anyone knows of others, please leave a comment!
*Hot Shot fireworks PRICE MATCHES!  So if you have other firework stand ads, it wouldn't hurt to bring them along for possible price matching! 
*And just a little heads up that they do offer a TV viewing of some of their fireworks so that you know exactly what they do before you buy them! 

Have fun!

Saving - Pomegranate Market Matchups! Plus FREE Reusable Bag!

Through June 30th (yep, tomorrow!) you can grab a FREE Pomegranate Reusable bag when you have a purchase totalling $30 or more at Pomegranate Market!

Here are a few nice deals to fill that Free bag with:
*Plus note that for every box or bag that you bring in to use for your groceries you will receive a $.05 credit to your purchase!!

sale through 6/30...

Knudsen Juice Spritzer 4 pk $2.69
Use $.75/1 here
= $1.94

sale starts 6/30...
Check out the full ad here

Applegate Beef Hot Dogs 12 oz $4.29
Use $1/2 here
= $3.79 each wyb 2

Fage Total Greek Yogurt with blueberry 5.3 oz $1.39
Use $2/5 here
= $4.95 or $.99 each

Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thin Crackers $2.39
Use $.50/1 here
= $1.89

*Sweet Corn ears 4/$1

Saving - Target Clearance Alert: Girls Circo Jeans As Low As $2.48!

A reader left a comment last week on the Target deals blog post alerting us of a possible clearance on girls jeans.  I'm glad they did!  I went a few days ago and confirmed that they were definitely on clearance at my store.  I had to run back in for a quick grab today and found that they have since gone from 50% off to now 75%, making them just $2.48!

I know that clearance can vary by store, but thought this was definitely worth giving a shout out!  Let us know if you are finding them at your store as well!

And unfortunately, the boys jeans were only marked 30% off at this point.  Let us know if this changes!

Thanks, jenplus5!

Living - Freebies: Herbel Essences, Aussie & Pantene! Hurry!

There are some great freebies currently available on Facebook.  Head to each of the following pages to snag a coupon (via mail) good for a free product!  Hurry as supplies are limited on each one.

Herbal Essences - here

Aussie - here

Pantene - here

And be patient as some are running a bit slow due to traffic I'm guessing. :-)

Saving - HyVee 2-Day Sale! Thursday & Friday!

HyVee is having another 2-day sale this week, Thursday and Friday.  Grab a few nice deals while you are out and about.

Oscar Mayer hot dogs $.99 (limit 4)
Use $1/2 5/15 or 6/19 SS
= $.49 each wyb 2

Oscar Mayer Bologna $.99 (limit 4)
Purchase 4 = $3.96
Receive $3 catalina coupon good on your next purchase
= $.96 for 4 or $.24 each

HyVee Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.69 lb - no coupon necessary

Pepsi Products 2 liter $.77
Use $1/4 manufacturer coupon in this week's Sunshine Ad
= $.52 each wyb 4

Saving - Walmart: Huggies Wipes 64ct $1.47!

This has to be a new lower price on Huggies 64 ct wipes at Walmart?!  I seriously think they were around $2.50 before weren't they?

Huggies 64 ct wipes at $1.97
Use the $.50/1 6/12 SS
= $1.47 each!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Living - Peachwave Versus Cherry Berry?

So I have a confession to make.  Well, do I dare say it?  Okay, as long as you don't think different of me.  In the previous 5 days I have been to Peachwave twice and Cherry Berry once.  Okay, I said it!  First step to addiction recovery, admitting you have a problem, right?! :-)

I talked hubby into going to Peachwave on Friday, it being his first time he was all about taking the trip.  And then the next night I hinted around to him at supper that it would be fun to try Cherry Berry (it being both of our first time) in the same weekend so that we could do a fair comparison of both spots.

Guess where we got to go later that evening?!  Cherry Berry!

And don't tell the hubs, but the kiddos and I snuck to Peachwave on Monday after a few hours at the spray park!  It's our little secret!

So which one is better?  Hmm?  Should I first say, the kids could care less...they LOVE both!

I honestly don't think there is a fair comparison, because although they are both similar in nature, they definitely have their distinct, yet unique differences. 

Both are fun, self-serve low fat/no fat frozen yogurt shops.  And may I say that they both try and trick you into thinking you don't have much of their yummy goodness in their gynormeous bowls!  It worked on the kids and hubby, but I have you figured out. LOL!

Here are my positive notes for both:

*Awesome customer service!  Each time I have been to Peachwave (3 times now) the employees are engaged with the customers and helpful.  Offering samples and giving a little hint on what to do.
*Tastey yogurt choices with tons of toppings.  Yummo, Pineapple!  (Cherry Berry did not have this one)
*Coupon on Falls Food good for 10% off your purchase.  Expires 6/30/11.  Sure hope they update with another one when this one expires!!
*Frequent shopper program.  With every $20 purchased you will automatically earn 10% off.  Just mention it at your purchase and give them your phone number.  Each purchase will be added.
*Quiet "neighborhood", nice to sit outside

Cherry Berry
*Cute and comfortable seating.  Love the couches!  So comfortable!  My hubby suggested we paint our livingroom the same green color!
*Tastey yogurt choices and a lot of great toppings.  Yummo, White Chocolate Mousse!  (Peachwave did not have this one)
*Like how several of the toppings are located in dispenser containers rather than "buffet" type style. Seems more streamlined.

So tell me, do you have a preference?!

Living - Locals: Mix 97-3 Giving Away $100 Fireworks Gift Certificate!

The Mix 97-3 is giving away a $100 Pyro City Fireworks gift certificate to Two lucky Facebook likers!

Simply head over here to the Mix 97-3 Facebook page, "like" them and then comment on their post about the gift certificate!  And don't forget to let your friends know!

Drawing this Friday!

Good luck!  Let us know if you win!

Saving - Hot Wheels $1/1 Target Coupon & More!

There is a new $1/1 Hot Wheels coupon on the Target coupon site.  This should make for a cheap (maybe free?) car!

Also, just a heads up that there are new manufacturer coupons for Hot Wheels toys that may possibly print while checking out at Target.  I received a couple the other day! 

Saving - Locals: Great Harvest Bread Co - Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

Today is "Twosday" at the Sioux Falls Great Harvest Bread Co.  This means you can go over and pick up two loaves of bread and get 1 Free!

And don't forget to ask for your frequent shopper punch card and start working your way towards even MORE free bread!  Yum!

Saving - Joy Ice Cream Cone Coupon *Rare*!

Head on over here to grab a $.55/1 Joy Ice Cream Cone coupon!  I don't think I have seen a coupon like this before.  And what a great time to find it!  Enjoy!

Saving - Free Bottle Pantene Coupon! Hurry!

Go over to Pantene Facebook page and grab a coupon for a free bottle (up to $4.99) of Pantene.  Hurry limited quantities being given away NOW!

Saving - Locals: Dharma Room Yoga Classes Over 50% Off!

Today's Groupon deal is a nice deal if you are looking for a little savings on Yoga classes.  Get 4 classes at the Dharma Room for $25 ($60 value).

This deal is good for beginners to advanced students.  Expires 10/1/11.  Additional details here.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Living - Random Fun: King of the Hill's John Redcorn (well the man behind the voice) at Ace!

The Ace Hardware on 41st & Minnesota will have Jon Joss, character voice of John Redcorn from King of the Hill, in store from 11 AM - 2 PM on Tuesday.

Jon Joss will be in store promoting his new King of the Grill cooking rub.  He will be available for a meet and greet, photos, and autograph.  Try free samples of the King of the Grill rub as well.

Saving - JC Penney $10 Off $25 Purchase July 1 - July 4!

Planning on doing a little shopping this weekend at Jc Penney?  Grab this nice coupon good for $10 off your $25 purchase.  Valid July 1 through July 4.

Saving - Boss' Pizza & Chicken Large 2 Topping Pizza Deal!

Did you know that you can get a large 2 topping pizza for just $9 everyday at Boss' Pizza & Chicken?  I just learned this today!  What a great deal and you are helping to support the local guys! 

I think this is such a great deal for these hectic summer nights.  Kids have games tonight?  (Why yes they do!) Stop on your way home to get everyone ready and grab a hot and yummy pizza from Boss' for just $9!

Price valid only on carryout and from 11 AM - 9 PM.  No coupon necessary!

Saving - Free Blockbuster Express DVD Rental! TODAY Only!

Use the code: BBXMONDAY to snag a free one-night DVD rental from your local Blockbuster Express Kiosk!  Code is only valid through midnight tonight.

What movie have you rented lately that you would recommend?  Happy Monday!

Saving - Locals: $20 of Meats at Country Meats for $10!

There is another great local deal going on today through Keloland Spotlight.  You can grab $20 worth of your choice of meats for just $10 at J&M Specialty Meats inside Country Meats (head South on Minnesota Ave)!

I grabbed this deal when it was through Groupon a while back and we just tried the yummy meats they had to offer!  We grilled up some brats and hamburger patties this weekend.  Both were tastey.  The employee assisting us was also very friendly and helpful, offering up suggestions and information on best sellers.

If you want to grab some quality meats at a great price, this is a nice deal!

Keep in mind that prices will vary by sizes, but here are a few I noticed:
*The brats we picked up were 5 brats in a package for $5.19
*The hamburger patties were 1/3 pound each and there were 6 in a package for around $9+
*Ground Chuck 1 pound tubes were a little over $4

Deal Scenario with today's Spotlight:
Purchase 4 packages of brats at around $5.19 a package
= $20.76 + tax
Pay with $20 Groupon
= $.76 + whatever tax
*So for around $11 (plus tax) you get 4 pkgs of brats

Saving - Locals: Half Off Touch of Europe!

Through the new Sioux Falls Groupon offer you can grab half off your cuisine at the Touch of Europe downtown!

There are two separate deals available that expire on 9/30/11.

*For $20, you get $40 worth of European cuisine redeemable on Saturdays.
*For $20, you get $40 worth of European cuisine redeemable Tuesday–Friday.

Pick your deal!  Limit 1, or two additional as gifts.

Saving - Outback Steakhouse $5 Off 2 Entrees!

Go over to the Outback Facebook page and "like" them to grab a coupon good for $5 off 2 entrees.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saving - Blockbuster Express $2 for 5 Rentals (Can Use On Multiple Visits)!

The great Blockbuster Express deal is back on Groupon!  For just $2 you will receive a voucher good for 5 one-night rentals at your local Blockbuster Express kiosk!

Head on over here to grab your voucher!  Expires 5/1/13!

*If you do not see the offer, head on over to Des Moines, IA to find the deal. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Living - 4th of July Traditions! Please Share!

One of my favorite summer events is by far the 4th of July!  From an annual family reunion to fireworks in the evening.  I think in the end it comes down to the time with family!

I want to ask you all a few questions and look forward to hearing your responses!! 

*What 4th of July traditions do you have?

*How do you save on fireworks (Aside from not buying them! lol!)

*Do you have any awesome potluck recipes for the 4th of July celebrations we all may be attending?

Please share away!  I always look forward to hearing from Living, Laughing, Saving readers!

I will even throw some answers in the comments as well!

Saving - Ortega $1/2 Coupon (Back Again)!

I do like this coupon!  You can go over here and grab a $1/2 Ortega products coupon.  No size restriction.  Use this on the single packets of Ortega Taco Seasoning to grab some cheap seasoning.

The single packets run about $.69-$79 at Target and Walmart.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Living - Random Fun This Weekend!

Elizabeth on a Firetruck on display at 2010 Garretson Fire Dept Pancake Breakfast
Looking for something fun to do with the kiddos or family?  Find some random fun below.  Have a great weekend!

*Storytime about Bugs, Worms & Dirt at Barnes & Noble 7 pm here

*Automania Downtown starting at 5:15 PM - 11 PM here

*Jesse James Days in Garretson here

*Quarry Days in Dell Rapids here

*Fireman's Breakfast at Garretson Fire Hall.  Pancake Feed, free-will donation & check out the fire rescue vehicles on display 8 AM - 12 PM here

*Jesse James Days in Garretson, including parade at 10 AM here 

*Quarry Days in Dell Rapids, including parade at 10:30 AM here

*Lowes Build & Grow 10 AM - build a waiving flag

*Classic Cartoons showing at Oak View Branch Library 10 AM here

*Nature Scavenger Hunt at Newton Hills State Park by Canton 1 PM here

*Moonlit Movie at Fawick Park - starts at dusk, showing Despicable Me

*Creatures of the Night Campfire at Pallisades Park in Garretson 9 PM here

*Jesse James Days in Garretson here

*Quarry Days in Dell Rapids here

*Municipal Band Concert 3 PM at Good Samaritan Village here

*Municipal Band Concert 8 PM at Terrace Park here

Saving - Locals: Half Off Fireworks from Hot Shot!

Hot Shot Fireworks offered a similar deal last year and boy was I excited.  So you can imagine how excited I am to see another deal this year!

Go over to Keloland Spotlight to grab $25 in fireworks for just $12!

What a fun and great way to let the kids pick out what they want!  Definition of kid is left up for interpretation! :-)

Check out the restrictions and deal details here.

Living - Free Sample & Coupons: Crest Pro Health!

Thanks to Walmart you can go over and grab free samples and coupons of Crest Pro Health products!

Saving - HyVee: Alcohol Rebates & Deals!

'Tis the season of enjoying a nice Summer evening on the deck with your feet up and enjoying a glass (or two) of your favorite adult beverage! :-)

Here are a few rebates I found along with deal scenarios.  Keep in mind that you may not all find the same rebate forms or prices in your HyVee Wine & Spirits, but wanted to throw these out there so you can keep an eye open next time you are in-store.  Believe it or not, you can save some buckos on adult beverages too.

Be sure to share your great deals in the comments!  I will try to keep posting these types of finds, if you all like them.  Share in the comments if you want me to keep 'em coming!

Arbor Mist
I recently posted a deal scenario here with a separate rebate offer, but here is yet another!

As you can see in the picture above, the Arbor Mist are on sale 3/$10 and hanging on some of the bottles are a rebate good for $5 when you purchase 3 bottles!

Deal Scenario
Purchase 3 for $10
Submit $5 Rebate
= $5 for all 3 or $1.67 each!

Pucker Vodka
I know I have posted about this deal before, but wanted to let you know that my store still has the $12.99 price and rebates good for $10 off 1 bottle.

Deal Scenario
Purchase 1 for $12.99
Submit $10 Rebate
= $2.99!

Dekuyper 750 ml
I found 2 different rebate offers in the same store.  But in the end, both are good for $5 when you purchase any 750 ml bottle of Dekuyper.  Mmm...Peachtree takes me back!  It appears many of the 750 ml bottles were regular price of $9.99.  Maybe a sale soon??

Deal Scenario
Purchase 1 for $9.99
Submit $5 Rebate
= $4.99
*And if you find both rebate offers, you should be able to submit both!

There was a nice rebate for $3 back when you purchase a 6-pack or larger of Leinenkugel's (any variety) and any Wisconsin Artisan Cheese!

I also found a 6-pack of Leinenkugels Limited Edition 6-pack for $4.99!

The Parmesan block I typically buy just happens to be made by a Wisconsin company!  And the beer made my hubby happy.  Woot! :-)

Random Coupons!
And how exciting to also find a tear pad of coupons in the beer aisle.  It contained the following coupons that expire 7/31/11:
Johnsonville Smoked or Cooked Sausage $1/2
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce or Marinades $1/2
Kingsford Charcoal $1/1

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Saving - Coupon Grab Bag!

Here is a great listing of miscellaneous coupons currently available!  Hope you can find a few to grab!

Aveeno Baby Product $1/1 here

Dannon Light & Fit 4 pk $1/1 here

Goya coupons here

Heinz 57 sauce $1/1 here (click 'offers')

Hormel Chili $.55/2 here

Keebler Granola Fudge Bars 6 ct $.75/1 here

Lip Smackers $1/2 here

Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough or Brownie Dough $.55/1 here

Scotch Brite 3 pk $.75/1 here
Scotch Brite 3 pk $1/1 here

Sunbelt Family Pack Granola or Fruit & Grain and 1 Little Debbie Family Snack $1 off here

Sunny D $.55/1 here (become a Sunny D Ambassador) - makes for Free this week at Kmart with doubles

Tampico gallon juice $.50/1 here

Saving - Locals: Half Off Wild Water West - TODAY Only!

So the sun is out....well, most of the time.  Finally a day where I didn't have to pack the jackets on our excursions!

If you are thinking of heading out to Wild Water West today, you can get HALF Off your admission by showing your Sunny Savings Club Card!  This offer is valid TODAY Only!

Don't have a Sunny Savings Club Card printed yet?!  That's okay, just head over here to read more about it.  It is free and only takes a few seconds to print off..and you are on your way to savings around town.

Saving - HyVee Weekly Ad Top Picks & Ad Matchup!

Below are my top picks this week at HyVee.  For a full ad matchup, you can swing over here.  Keep us updated on your finds by leaving us a comment or sending me an email! 

Oscar Mayer & Cotto Salami $.19 - deal posted here.

Farmland Hot Dogs $.13 - deal posted here.

In-Ad Coupon: Purchase 2 Crystal Light Products, Receive 15 ct HyVee Natural Spring Water
Deal Scenario:
Purchase 2 Crystal Light Drink Mix $2.38 each
Use 2 $1/1 6/12 SS
Use in-ad coupon
= $2.38 for 2 Crystal Lights & 15 ct Water

In-Ad Coupon: Purchase 10 Powerade 32 oz, Get 5 Free
Deal Scenario:
Purchase 15 ION4 or Zero Powerade $1 each
Use 3 $1/5 here
Use in-ad coupon
= $7 or $.47 each

In-Ad Coupon: Purchase Purina Cat Chow 16-17.6 lb at $9.99, Receive 3 Free Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys
Deal Scenario:
Purchase Cat Chow $9.99
Use $1/1 5/1 SS (expires 6/26)
Use in-ad coupon
= $8.99 for Cat Chow (nice price without the freebies) & free cat food

Catalina Deal on Bacardi Mixers, currently on sale for $2.28 each
Purchase 3, Get $1 OYNO: Purchase 4, Get $2 OYNO: Purchase 5, Get $3 OYNO
Deal Scenario 1:
Purchase 6 $2.28 each
Use 2 $1/3 here
= $11.68
Receive $3 coupon good on your next HyVee purchase
= $8.68 or $1.45 each

Deal Scenario 2:
Purchase 3 $2.28 each
Use $1/13 here
= $5.84
Receive $1 coupon good on your next HyVee purchase
= $4.84 or $1.62 each

Saving - HyVee 2-Day Sale: $.78 Raisin Bran & More!

HyVee has a 2-day sale going on right now, through Friday.  Check out the ad here.

There are a couple matchups worth mentioning:

Raisin Bran Cereal $1.48
Use $.70/1 coupon here
= $.78
*also available $1/2 6/12 RP

Michelina's Zap Em Gourmet Entrees $.49
Use $1/5 here
= $.29 each wyb 5

And, if you have a Sunshine ad around or the Shopping News, there is a coupon good for a Free 12 pk cans or 6 pack Bottles of Pepsi products when you purchase 4.  Combine with HyVee's 2-day sale and here is the deal scenario:
Pepsi Products 6 pack Bottles sale 4/$10
Grab an additional 6 pack bottle or 12 pk cans
Use manufacturer coupon found in Sunshine ad or Shopping News
= $10 for 5 or $2 each!

Saving - Walgreens Photo: Mini Brag Book $2.99 Shipped Through Saturday!

Wow!  This is a fun little freebie to grab, just pay $2.99 shipping.  Go over here and put together a mini brag book and enter code: BRAG at checkout to score it free.  Pay $2.99 for shipping.

Offer valid through Saturday 6/25.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saving - Target Deals/Finds This Week!

Here are some deals and finds put together for this week.  Let us know what you are finding!

KC Masterpiece 18 oz BBQ $.99
Use $1/1 5/15 SS
= Free

Hefty One-Zip 22 ct 1 qt size $2.04
Use $1/2 4/10 RP
PLUS Use 2 $1/1 Target coupons here
= $1.04 or $.52 each wyb 2

Vlassic Pickles price cut $1.89
Use $.55/1 here
= $1.34

Ice Mountain 12 pk of 8 oz bottle water, price cut $1.80
Use $1/2 here
= $1.30 wyb 2

Kool-Aid Canisters price cut $1.99
Use $1/2 5/1 SS
PLUS Use $1/2 Target coupon here
= $.99 each wyb 2

Q-Tips 175 ct $1.89, Buy 4 get $5 Gift Card
= $.64 each pkg

Q-Tips 375 ct $2.39, Buy 4 get $5 Gift Card
= $1.14 each pkg

Benedryl Itch Relief Stick $2.29
Use $2/1 6/19 RP
= $.29

Mead 55 ct Flash Cards, price cut $1.79
Use $1/1 Target coupon here
= $.79

Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy 12 pk bottles, price cut $10.49 (best deal I have seen by $2)
*Note: I have also seen Rebates available at grocery store liquor stores, when you purchase 2 12 packs any Leinenkugel's receive $5 Rebate.  If you were to purchase 2 of the above sale 12 pks, you would end up paying $7.50/12 pk.  Not bad!