Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Living, Laughing, Saving Disclosure Policy!

As many of you already know, I am a stay at home Mom, simply sharing the deals and bargains I come across by doing matchups, searching online, in the store or tidbits from my wonderful readers (did I mention I LOVE hearing from my readers?!)!

The blog post content is up to my discretion and is based on things that I feel will benefit YOU, the reader!

There may be times that I receive an item for free to review, however this will not sway my opinion.  I give you my honest opinion, good or bad. 

I also may include affilliate links or referral links in my posts from time to time, where I may receive some sort of compensation for you clicking on that link (And I am ever thankful to you for using those links).  I choose to do this as a way to help compensate for the time I put into the blog.  The income I receive from these links is certainly not profitable (compared to the time I put into the blog)! *smile*  It is just a little bit here and there, a nice surprise!

This blog is not my business, it is simply me 'paying it forward' and sharing information I have at hand, hoping that MAYBE it will help you too!

If you ever have any questions regarding the content on the blog or have suggestions, giveaways, review items or other topics of discussion, please feel free to contact me at livelaughsave2010@gmail.com.

This is such a fun hobby for me and I hope that you will continue to join in the fun with me!  Thanks for stopping by.


*updated 10/18/11

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