Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saving - Sioux Falls Championship Club Savings Card! Save $5 On Your Card!

There is an exciting new way to save in town!  Have you heard about the Sioux Falls Champions Club?  It is an easy and fun new way to save, simply show your membership card at participating businesses to receive special discounts!

No need to print and carry coupons around, just a credit card size membership card.  And you get unlimited use throughout the year at your favorite businesses!  So use it over and over!

The Sioux Falls Champions Club Card is just $48 a year, which equates to $4 a month.  With the money-saving offers available, it should be fairly easy to make that back in savings!

Special Offer:
Thanks to Sioux Falls Champions Club, I have a special deal to share with you!  Living, Laughing,Saving readers can save $5 off the purchase of their club card by entering code: LLS at checkout! 

Another great benefit of this card is that new businesses can be added at anytime!  Check out the current participating business list here.

Go ahead and get your card today and start saving! Head on over here and be sure to enter the special code: LLS to get your $5 savings!

Want more information? You can check out the Sioux Falls Champions Club website and/or their Facebook page.

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  1. I'm glad I joined the club! Took my wife out for lunch at Bracco earlier this week and saved $6 off our bill. Just showed them my card when the bill came and they took off the discount. It was that easy!