Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saving - Potting Soil & Other Outdoor Price Comparisons!

I am in the mode of getting my hands dirty in my yard.  Busy cleaning, preparing and soon to be planting!  Yipee!  The time has finally come!  With that said, I am always trying to save some money on this fun job as well.  I would love to hear how you save money on the purchase of your annual flowers?!  This is one I struggle with.  I love pots and pots and pots of flowers at my house, but the cost of the plants add up quickly.  Suggestions welcome!

I am doing a little price comparison on potting soil and other fun outdoor necessities for this time of year, so thought I woud share them all with you.  It was sort of an afterthought this week, so it is not a complete list, but will update as I go.  Let us know if you have other prices available as well!

Prices in Red were updated 5/29/11.  I am unsure of the end date of the other prices, so you may want to call ahead and verify first.
Assorted Annuals

1.25 qt sale $2
12 pk $11.47 ($.96 each)

Home Depot
6 pk $4.98 ($.83 each) wave petunias
8 pk $3.33 ($.42 each)
24 pk $12.98 ($.54 each)

6 pk $1.50 ($.25 each)
5 inch $2.88

Lewis Drug
4 pk $1.59 ($.40 each)

4 pk $1.59 ($.40 each)
12 pk $3.99 - Valid through today 5/29 ($.33 each)

Hanging Plants

Lewis Drug
10 in $12.99

10 in $15.99

10 in $7.88

Home Depot
12 in premium $24.99

Vegetable Plants

Home Depot
6 in tomatoes or peppers sale $1.50

Lewis Drug
4 pk $1.59

Miracle Gro Potting Mix
Home Depot
1.25 cu ft sale $6.97
2.5 cu ft $13.47

Campbell's Supply
16 qt $4.88
2 cu ft $9.79

Lewis Drug
2 cu ft $10.99

1 cu ft $5.50
2 cu ft $8

1 cu ft $7.99

Other Potting Soil

Home Depot
1.25 Scotts Moisture Advantage $5.97

Campbell's Supply
8 lb Hyponex $1.29
20 lb Hyponex $1.89
40 lb Hyponex $2.89

40 lb ?brand $2.99

Solar Lighting - individual

Walmart - $3

Target - $2

What other things would you like to see added to the list?  I will keep a running list if this is something that interests you!


  1. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for saving $$ when it comes to buying annuals. The way I see it, is that since I save so much on health & beauty aids by couponing, I *deserve* to splurge a little when it comes to flowers! It helps to have a May birthday, too. ;)

  2. Living,Laughing,SavingMay 24, 2011 at 4:54 PM

    I love it, Bev!