Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saving & Giving - Saving For Our Family & Giving To Others!

Below are several items that can be purchased this week for $1 or less that would make great donation items.  As I noted in this post about the Saving & Giving articles, couponing is not only a way to save for our family, but a way to give to other families while maintaining your family budget. 

I encourage you to pick up at least one extra item this week while you are out shopping and donate it to a local organization or family in your area.

For those in Sioux Falls, you can drop off your donations at
Elegant Mommy (next to She's Shapin Up at 49th & Western) and I will do the delivering for you, if you prefer.

Walgreens - see these deals here
GUM Flossers = Free

Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner = $1 each
Noxema disposable razors = Free
Gillette Fusion Razor = $.99

*Post Pebbles $.93 a box deal - here
*Yakisoba Meals $.88, use $.50/1 3/13 SS = $.38 (not found at all locations)
*Smart Water 1 liter $.25 - here

*Similac Ready to Feed Sensitive or Regular
here = $.47-Free plus overage
*Nivea Bodywash here = Free
*Yakisoba Meals here = $.12 each
*Ivory 3 pack soap here = Free

*Yakisoba Meals on price cut $.89, use $.50/1 3/13 SS = $.39
*Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Travel First Aid Kits $.97, use $.50/1 3/13 RP = $.47

Again thank you for joining me on this mission!  A coupon can not only help your family, but it can also make another family's day!  Keep sharing the coupon love!

*Please also share what cheap deals you found this week that would make great donation items!

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  1. This is a great idea. I just ran across your site and am just getting into couponing. Great blog!