Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saving - PBRbor Day Rebate Form! States: SD, MN & MO! Plus Updated Plant List!

Well, let's just say that this post is more of a heads up post as I cannot really point you to an actual will just want to keep your eyes open for this one!

While visiting a local liquor store to grab the hubby and I a little beverage a few days ago, I came across (what I consider) an awesome rebate offer from Pabst Blue Ribbon!

No purchase of beer necessary.  Just send in your reciept including your garden center or garden supply purchase of $5 or more and they will send you a rebate check for $5!

Purchases must be made between 4/10/11 and 6/15/11.  So if you are like me and looking for ways to save money on your yard this year, keep your eyes open for the rebate form pictured above!  Ooooh, I am excited! :-)

And if you are interested, I updated a few of the prices on the price comparison list of plants and soil.  Enjoy!

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