Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saving - Clearance Alert & Idea @ Walmart!

Was out shopping today to grab items for my daughter's upcoming 5th birthday party.  She has asked that her theme revolve around rainbows this year (she says that her favorite color is rainbow + pink!).  So I have been trying to decide if I wanted to go all out with getting several different color plates or if I should just stick to my frugal ways and get one and incorporate the rainbow in other ways.

Well, luck would have it I ran into this fun clearance at Walmart today.  There were red, blue and yellow plastic plates 4-pk on clearance for $.50 each!  I picked up 6 packs for just $3!

So not only will I have the start of a rainbow theme with the plates, but I will be able to use the plates over again!  I see these plates being a great alternative plate for the kids to use at supper, we can use them outdoors this summer in our backyard or at a picnic in the park....or we can always use them for the next time we have both sides of the family together again!  Making my little girl happy, making my wallet happy AND making the Earth happy! :-) 

I just love finding great deals that you can incorporate into your needs, even if it wasn't what you initially had in mind!

Do you have any fun and frugal tips for throwing a birthday party?  Feel free to share them in the comments!

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