Friday, May 20, 2011

Saving - HyVee "Like Getting It Free" Grill Deal!

You can grab a Char Broil 4-Burner Gas Grill for $179.98 at HyVee and when doing so you wil receive coupons with your purchase good for $180.00 in free food/products. 

Here is a list of the coupons you will receive.

So what do you think, will you be taking advantage of this deal?  If so, I wouldn't wait long.  I sat on the freezer deal offered a couple months ago, too long and they were out before I got a chance to go get it.

What a great Father's Day gift too! 

Would love to hear the goods and bads of this deal...feel free to leave your comments below!


  1. We have been in the market for a grill. Hubby picked this one up this morning. It is not the top model but a pretty nice piece of equipment considering it is a freebie :) The 52 coupons are all for FREE products up to noted maximum value (varies from $2-$4), except one Equal coupon for $3 off product. Most expire on June 16th, 2011. Even considering you will have to pay sales tax on the food (about 12-25cents per coupon?) and on the grill ($10) itself you are still getting a pretty good deal. We are happy about it, we just have to make sure to get back to HyVee and use those coupons up before Father's Day. I figure we will spend less than $20 for all the food. So the total spent will be around $210 for a grill and 53 grocery items worth at least $2 a piece.

  2. Actually, I bought the freezer a few months ago and you don't even pay sales tax on the coupons for free food. Since it takes off the purchase price, it also removes the sales tax. So it is even a better deal:)