Friday, January 6, 2012

Saving - Target Holiday Clearance 90%!

If you have been patiently waiting for the 90% discount on holiday clearance, now is your time!  Sioux Falls (West, I have not verified East) has hit 90% off on the holiday clearance area.  The little guy and I grabbed a few good buys this morning.

Remember the ornaments I told you about here.  Well, they are now just $.10 for 3!  That's just $.03 per craft project.  Plus they had bags of holiday sequens with a small glue bottle for just $.20!  Easy, fun and FRUGAL craft!

I spent about $20 and really walked away with a nice load of items I am excited to use.  Was thinking I needed to buy a tote to store it all.  Is that bad?  I met a nice man at Target this morning who was excited about $.50 socks and so many other fun buys for his grandchildren for next Christmas.  He said, "Now, if only I could practice some self-control".  Isn't that so true!  At 90% off it really is hard to practice self-control.  I start thinking of everyone I know and how they may be able to use something or where I could donate certain items, etc.  Ha!

I hope those of you in other parts of the country find the same great clearance at your Target!  Let us know what great deals you are finding!

Happy Shopping!

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