Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saving - This Instead of That: Snickers Ice Cream Bars!

Part of saving money, or living within a budget sometimes requires a different view on things.  A little creativity, maybe, to get what you want. *smile*

Today's 'this instead of that' moment occurred during supper.  A nice ice cream treat sounded great to cool off on this hot, Summer day.  However, knowing that we want to get back on track with our budget (boy has it been a crazy Summer!), we decided it wasn't necessary to take the family out for ice cream.

This Instead of That:
So instead, we drove over to the closest grocery store and grabbed a treat from the freezer section that we probably haven't had in years!  We grabbed these fabulous (and sinful) Snickers Ice Cream Bars!  By doing this, we still had a yummy treat but instead of spending well over $10 at an ice cream shop, we barely spent over $3!  (And don't tell the kids, there are 2 left in the freezer!)

*Another great option would have been to purchase a carton of ice cream and a favorite topping or maybe ice cream cones!  Make it special, grab something you wouldn't normally grab!

Feel free to share your 'this instead of that' moments that help keep your family on the right track!


  1. Oh, soooo frugal! I'm lovin' it. As for the two in the freezer, uh, I'm thinking "naptime treat for me"! :)

  2. We make homemade our own choc shakes at home with whip cream on top, everyone is happy