Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Living - Remembering The "Good", When Trying to Make it Through the Tough!

Picture thanks to inchmark!
For the past couple weeks, my little guy (age 2 1/2) has been going through a major funk.  I am not sure if he is experiencing growing pains, getting in more molars or just teetering with confirming his levels of independance.

No matter, it has been a tough couple of weeks.  I came across this ADORABLE idea tonight and will be adding this to my daily life.  Essentially it is a memory jar.

When your kiddos say something that makes you laugh out loud or warm inside, or just plain proud...write it down on the nearest scrap paper (old receipt, gum wrapper, etc) and jot it down before you forget.  Throw it in a cute jar and store it nearby so that you can grab it when you are having a 'rough spot' to bring a little joy to your day!

I have used a calendar to write quotes or stories and even write a journal to each of my children (limited entries, I'll be honest)...but it seems the 'little joys' that happen throughout the day get forgotten.  So I am really digging this idea to capture some of those little things!

And I think this will be an awesome jar to have as a scrapbooking buddy!  Looking for a way to document some of those fun moments so the kids can enjoy them later, include them in their scrapbooks (which by the way, I intend to get back to soon)! 

Oh boy, the warm fuzzies are all over tonight!  And the creativity is running through my veins now!  How will I ever get to sleep?!

How do you document those little moments that bring you to tears from laughter or that leave you saying, "awww!"?

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