Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Saving & Giving - Did You Know? Finding Ideas On Things To Donate Within Budget!

A while back I tried putting together a weekly post recapping all of the possible freebies or cheapies that would make great donation items, within budget.  However, I found that I couldn't really put it together until late in the week, after you probably hit the deals you already wanted to hit so this post quickly faded away.

However, there is still need within our communities and this effort has not disappeared completely.  And I hope it hasn't disappeared from your minds either.

I have recently been tagging posts with "Saving and Giving" every time I think there might be a great deal that would make a nice donation item.  I have now set up a link for the "Saving and Giving" tag off to the right side of the page under my Favorite Links. 

Please click on the link when you are looking for ways to give back to your community on a budget!  Typically these are freebies or cheapies that will be marked, so just picking up one extra item will go a long way and keep you within your budget!

As I have mentioned before, coupons can be powerful!  Not only do they help you save for your family, but they can help you help provide for another family. 

Happy Saving and Giving!

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