Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saving - How To Save A Little At Cinemark Movie Theatres (Century)!

Going to the movie theatre is not a cheap entertainment choice.  But it is one that we enjoy doing from time to time. So if you are trying to stick to an entertainment budget, you may appreciate all the help you can get in saving some money at the theatre.

Here are a few great ways to save at your favorite Cinemark Movie Theatres (Century in Sioux Falls):

*Sign up for the weekly email coupons!  Each week they send out money saving concession coupons.

*Facebook - head over to the Cinemark Facebook page and "like" them.  They have recently added a weekly coupon tab.  (It is possible that these are the same as what is being emailed out, as it is for this week, but might not hurt to keep checking it out.)

*Hit a matinee showing of your movie of choice!  The first movie showing of the day is discounted at participating Cinemark theatres.

*Seniors Day - every Monday seniors 62 or older receive a discount on their ticket at participating theatres.

*Check out this page and this page on the Cinemark website with other money saving deals.

*Ask grandma to watch the grandchildren so there are no sitter costs. lol!  You may also consider setting up a 'swap' with friends or other family members.  You watch our kids this Friday and we will watch your kids next Friday.  Go have fun and no worries for paying a sitter.

Enjoy the show!

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