Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Living - No Coupons Used At HyVee Today!

I get a hard time often from friends who think I only shop with coupons.  Well, I just want it noted (and maybe documented for future reference),I used ZERO coupons today on my trip to HyVee.  Today was a day for replenishing the apples, bananas, oranges (and that just reminds me of something I forgot, ha!) and a day for stocking up on chicken and grabbing some goodies to make beef stew (it recently dawned on me that I had not yet made stew this winter)!

I did however, take advantage of sale prices on the meat and a nice sale on the bananas.  So, the trip was not completely unplanned shopping.  It isn't necessary to shop with coupons in order to save money.  Even if you do not have time/energy to devote to clipping coupons, you can make a decent impact on your overall family food budget just by shopping sale items, stocking up when the sale price is fairly decent.  And by making alternative choices on things that may not be on sale.

I grabbed the split chicken breasts that are on sale this week for $.89/lb.  I find this to be a nice price on the split chicken breast so I grabbed 3 packages, which I will cut up for different meals (Cut some smaller breasts from it for meals that involve full chicken breasts, chunks for white sauce pasta meals and salads and strips for fajitas, etc.)  I believe I should be able to get 6 meals out of the chicken, so should be under $2 each meal!  Compare that to the skinless boneless chicken breasts that sell for over $2 a lb!

Also, with the beef stew I want to make I could have easily grabbed a package of the pre-cut up beeft stew meat that is selling for about $5.50/lb (wow!), however I decided to grab a roast that ran me about $3.89/lb.  I should be able to get 2 meals out of the roast, as I will half it and use the other half for either sandwiches or cut up for another crockpot of stew!

I would love to hear from others on how you save at the grocery store without coupons!  Share in the comments.  Your ideas just might help someone else! 

So, there you have it!  I. Used. Zero. Coupons. Today! *smile*

I did come across an awesome deal however and will be sharing it in my next post!  Stay tuned!

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