Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Living - Resources to Help You Save Money!

This blog along with others may be able to help you save money by offering alerts to deals and coupons and offering up frugal tips, but there are certainly thousands of other ways to build your money-saving portfolio of knowledge!  There are a couple freebies available right now that might be able to help you out.

On top of that, I would love it if you wonderful readers would share in the comments any resources you may use.  This can include books you have read, budget software you use or tips you have!  Let's help each other save a little in 2011! 

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Daily Worth Free Money Planner - join Daily worth here.  It is designed for women and offers articles on financial topics such as saving, budgeting and more.  You can utilize the free Daily Worth money planner to compliment your budget. - offering a free way to manage your money.  It helps combine all your account/bill information in one place so you can get one big picture of what is going on with your finances!

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