Friday, January 14, 2011

Laughing - When Placement of Goods May Backfire! Or Does It?

Can we all agree that many stores go through great lengths in determining the proper placement of their products so as to lure us into purchasing more, right?!  If it were all about convenience, the diapers and milk would be right by the door!

Well, I found myself laughing last night while shopping at HyVee.  On the end of an aisle was a huge display of VERY large boxes of chocolates that were marked down by 50%, assuming they were left over from Christmas.  Just to the right of the boxes of chocolate was a cardboard display of fitness magazines with front pages talking about keeping your new years resolutions!  I wish I had a camera at that moment so that I wasn't chuckling all by myself.  How many people do you think passed by thinking "Oooh yummy big box of chocolates!  Wow, what a great deal only $8 I am going to get one of those!  Oh, wait a minute, that's right I am trying to get healthy, I can't break my new years resolution already!  No chocolates for me!"

I wonder how long those chocolates will be around! ha ha!  So was this creative marketing to sell the magazines?  Hmm...?

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