Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Living - Advent Calendars for Christmas 2013!

If you are anything like me, then Advent season sneaks up on you every year and you just shake your head and say, 'next year'.

With good intentions from many years of shaking my head, swearing that next year is the year I am fully prepared this year and I have enjoyed checking out Advent ideas and wanted to share some with you.....well, in case you swore last year that this was your year to shine too!

And if you aren't into any do it yourself project, remember the good ol' standby Advent Calendar , with the chocolate filled countdown windows, like the ones I grew up with!

If you are considering a DIY...here are some fun ideas on the cheap:

Christmas book countdown -
I shared a little on this idea and how to save money back in July and you can check it out here.  Since rummage sale season is over in our area, a few other ideas to save while completing this idea would be to hit up the thrift stores or simply head to the library and check out Christmas books! (Or do a little of both.)  Note that these do not have to be new-to-you books either...have a nice supply of Christmas books on hand, wrap them up too.  The element of surprise and excitement will still be there because you have them wrapped up!

Picture Frame & Holiday Cards -
This is a super simple and cute craft to put together an advent calendar!  Shop the dollar store for a frame.  Dig out your Christmas cards you received last year from friends and family and simply number them.  How fun would it be to re-read their messages and look at their family pictures from last year as you prepare for this Christmas!

Punch Board -
How fun is this Advent craft?! Grab a poster board (super cheap) and some brown paper bags and dig through last year's supply of Christmas tissue paper and you can put together a simple but delightful Advent calendar.  You could purchase small 'prizes' (or grab from your gift closet)....throw in little pieces of candy....a daily activity (like deliver a gift to someone in need, or read a Christmas book, etc).....or pieces of paper with Bible versus, or even pieces of a story!  Let your creative side loose!

Shoe Organizer -
This is simply one of the cutest ideas!  And I am fairly certain I have seen the shoe organizers sold at Dollar Tree.  If nothing else, they are fairly inexpensive at Walmart.  This might have to be next year's project for me!  I think I would fill with daily activities and maybe a few surprises along the way!

Paper Strip Tree -
And this one is just simply cute and easy!  Have kids help tape together the links and construct your tree!  They truly cute even decorate the links with holiday stickers or draw on them to make it theirs!

This is just the tip of the ice berg on Advent calendar ideas!  We would all love to hear your ideas and traditions.  Leave us a comment!

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