Friday, July 12, 2013

Saving - Preparing For Christmas 2013: Christmas Book Countdown!

I have heard of others doing a fun countdown to Christmas with their little ones where they wrap up Christmas books and each day as they countdown to Christmas, the kids open one up and they all read it. 

I have been meaning to give it a try, but somehow Christmas always sneaks up on me and when you are in the Christmas season already it is hard to find Christmas books at a reasonable (okay, maybe frugal) price.  So last year I wrote it down during Christmas so that after Christmas I could keep my eyes peeled for possibly some on clearance deals.  Well, I found a couple, but I really wanted more than a 2 day countdown, ha!

While shopping rummages in the past few weeks it dawned on me.....why do they have to be new when "new to us" would do just fine!
I have found an abundance of Christmas books at rummage sales and offered for as little as a quarter!  I have since picked up 12 books paying a total of $5!  The picture above shows the start of my collection; hard cover, soft cover, big, little, you name it.  They are all clean and in nice shape and carefully hidden away awaiting their debut!  I cannot wait to wrap them up for my kids.  They are going to LOVE this!

So, if you have ever considered a Christmas book collection countdown to Christmas it is not too late to do it on the frugal.  Team up with a friend and keep double the eyes open for those awesomely priced Christmas books!

Note: Thrift stores may be another exciting option.

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