Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Saving - Everything 18-inch Doll This Holiday Season!

I have been looking for some fun deals to help my daughter enjoy her 18-inch doll even more!  I think I have found a handful that I may be enjoying a little too much.  I think I have smiled at my computer screen a bit too much and repeated...'oh that is cute' a bit too much as well!  There are seriously some cute things available.  And here are some at a great price as well!

Maybe you are thinking of buying your child a doll, whether it is American Girl Doll, Our Generation or other you will certainly enjoy watching your child love and explore with their new friend.  I was amazed by how much my 7 year old truly loved her Our Generation Doll!  If you are in need of a doll yet, you can grab one at Target starting around $30.  Or there is the Dollie & Me version at Kohl's use code 20foru to save an additional 20%!

Dollie & Me doll and child matching outfits!

Head on over to Zulily and grab some great deals on the Dollie & Me matching outfits!  They range from $14.99 on up and are some of the lower prices I have seen on the pajamas and outfits and they have guaranteed shipping prior to Christmas.  I was able to snag 2 outfits (4 with the doll size outfits) for under $40 shipped to me! 

Badger Basket Doll Bunk Beds With Ladder - Pink/White

Then head on over to Amazon and grab the Badger Basket Doll Bunk Beds With Ladder for just $26.99 (Reg $45.99).  This is a very highly rated product!  And score free shipping with $35 min purchase. 

Doll Bicycle Seat - "Ride Along Dolly" Bike Seat with Decorate Yourself Decals (Fits 18" American Girl and Standard Sized Dolls and Stuffed Animals)

Stick on Amazon and check out this super cute and fun Doll Bicycle Seat for just $16.99 (Reg $24.95)!  After my daughter decided to bungee rope her doll to her bike this past summer, I put one of these on my list for her (I can't imagine why!) and I am excited to find a nice price on it.  They also have a nice rating and I can't wait to see her put it to use!  And score free shipping with $35 min purchase. 

Trolley Doll Travel Case with Rocking Bed and Bedding - Star Pattern

And last but not least, snag a nice deal on the Trolley Doll Travel Case on Amazon for $29.99 (Reg $48.99)!  This has a 5 star rating!  It looks super cute and versatile!  And score free shipping with $35 min purchase. 

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