Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Saving - In The Harty Kitchen: Super Easy Dipped Pretzel Sticks!

Through all the yummy goodies in my kitchen, my son's favorite are the dipped pretzel sticks.  I think this kid would eat 10 a day if I were not looking.  These little diddys make a quick and easy treat to share with guests or use as a sweet and salty gift for a special someone on your list.

What you will need:
1 bag pretzel sticks (be sure to check for bags with the least broken ones!)
1/2 block white or chocolate bark
festive sprinkles, M&Ms, colored sugars, etc

Lay out wax paper.  Melt bark according to instructions on package.  Simple dip sticks into bark, covering 1/3 to 1/2 of stick.  Sprinkle or decorate immediately.  Lay on wax paper to dry.  That's it! 

A few notes and thoughts:
*I find it easier just to use my spoon to "frost" the pretzel stick rather than dipping.  Maybe a personal preference, but it seems to go faster and wastes less bark.
*If you have broken pretzel sticks consider dipping each end (amount to cover will depend on the size of the broken piece).  I found this to really look cute, especially when decorated with sprinkles.  And it makes use of those frustrating broken pieces. ha!
*Simply take a few sticks, wrap in saran wrap and tie with a riboon.  Makes a cute gift for friends, coworkers and more!  In the pictures, I included one stick dipped in white and one dipped in brown chocolate. 

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