Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saving - Hair Feathers Deal As Low As $5.50 (+Shipping)!

Wow!  Another great deal from Plum District today!  I have been thinking about grabbing some hair feathers for my daughter and had yet to find a deal on them.   But I have now and am pretty excited about this one!

Plum district has a deal where you can grab $30 worth of Hair Feathers from Picasso for just $15!

*Plus since this is a "local" deal for the Dallas area, but available to anyone, you can use code: local30 to score 30% off at checkout, making it just $10.50!

*AND - if you are new to Plum District, you will earn a $5 credit just for signing up that you can use on this deal!  That's just $5.50! 

*Note that shipping is a $5 fee once you hop on the website to order. 

*In case you are wondering: I was able to order 2 packages of 5, so a total of 10 feathers for just $5 shipping on the site with my Plum District voucher!  I'm hoping to receive these in time for Christmas (shipping on their site says 5-7 business days) to throw in my daughter's stocking!  She most likely won't be getting all 10 to play with, but we will save the extras to possibly put in her birthday goodie bags!

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