Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saving - Holiday Clearance Sales!

There are several stores busy offering clearance prices on their holiday merchandise.  Below I have put together some of my findings.  I have also included a list of coupons you may want to clip and take with you if you are going out.

Please feel free to leave your clearance findings in the comments.  I would love to hear what you are all finding!  And if you have other favorite stores that I have not included, leave a comment with your findings as well!!

Hobby Lobby - 66% off Christmas items. I just love grabbing baking items (like sprinkles, cupcake wrappers, frostings) and craft items! And don't forget cute ornaments!

HyVee - It appeared most items left from their Christmas supply were marked down by 75% off.  I hope you find the same.  It seems many HyVees may price on different schedules.  The other day (when it was 50% off) I found holiday themed reusable shopping bags marked to $.50.  I am thinking these will make cute (and GREEN) gift bags next Christmas.  And at $.50, it will be harder to find gift bags this size for that price!

Michael's - Items marked down to 75% off. Enjoy grabbing the "stocking stuffer" items that are originally $1, now just $.25. Items like crayons, notepads and more are good any time of year for birthdays, spare of the moment projects, etc!

Shopko - Christmas items are marked anywhere from 50-75% off.  There are several clothing items marked down up to 60% off as well.  (Note: Be weary of their signage, it can be confusing!)

Target - went 70% off on all Christmas items, aside from a few select candy items still sitting at 30% off.  However, many candy items are included in the 70% off!

Toys are also beginning to be marked on clearance 30-50% off.  Am holding out yet again for those hot 70% clearance sales to get stocked up for birthdays/Christmas for 2012!

Walmart - some items are trickling in at 75% off on Christmas items, as others are still sitting at 50%.

Toys are also being marked down to 50% off. 

Holiday Clearance Shopping Tips:
*Don't take prices for face value.  It doesn't hurt to scan prices, you just may be surprised to find it is less than what the sign indicates (and it saves you from any negative surprises at the register)
*Scan aisles for "holiday themed" items that may not have been moved to the designated clearance section.  Things like Ziploc baggies, Kleenex, Aluminum Foil, soaps, etc!  If you locate some, SCAN THEM!  (I located 15 ct gallon size Ziploc baggies in the normal aisle at Walmart tonight, no sign, for just $.56.  There are coupons for $1.50/2 that made these Free!)
*Check for shopping carts loaded with items just sitting around the clearance area.  Now of course, be sure they are not a fellow shoppers first!  These are typically return carts or carts of items being moved over to the clearance area.  You just might find those special items that no one else has yet. 
*Relax and Have Fun!  It can get chaotic in some stores around the clearance aisles.  Don't let others ruin your fun of bargain shopping!  Enjoy yourself!

Coupons you may want to bring:
Reynolds Aluminum Foil 11/13 SS
Ziploc Baggies $1.50/2 or $1/2 12/4 SS or 11/20 RP
Ziploc Containers $1.50/2 12/4 SS or 11/20 RP
Ghiradelli (target cpn) $1/2 here
Nestle Christmas Characters Cookies $1/1 12/4 RP (found these marked to $1.75 at Target)
Pillsbury Cookie Dough $1/2 12/4 SS or 11/13 GM (also marked down at Target)
Kleenex Hand Towels $.75/1 12/4 SS
Scotch Tape $1/3 8/7 SS (expires today)
*Leave a comment if you know of others!

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