Monday, September 5, 2011

Living - Saying Goodbye to Summer, Hello Fall!

If you are looking for a way to say goodbye to Summer and ring in the new season, I thought I would share a special afternoon we had recently with friends.  It was a GREAT time and it was definitely on the frugal!

My family and I have grown to LOVE the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls.  If you haven't been there yet, now is a great time to check it out.  The Outdoor Campus is a super part of our community, every community really deserves such a great hideaway.  My husband and I have even enjoyed The Outdoor Campus walking paths on "date" nights!  Great way to take a relaxing walk, enjoy the outdoors and each other.

The Outdoor Campus offers Free indoor fun including a little museum, play area for the kids and a few animals you can check out.  And then there are the wonderful outdoors (also Free).  A butterfly garden, roaming area for the kids, a bridge or two and walking paths (we call them adventure paths) for the whole family!

And I must note, that we have so much more to discover about The Outdoor Campus, so I am sure the above description doesn't do it all justice.  So be sure to head over here and check them out on Facebook! to our frugal and FUN afternoon.  The kids and I met some friends at The Outdoor Campus.

*We started with an exploration of the indoors of the Outdoor Campus. 
*Then we took a trek on one of the 'adventure trails' around the fishing pond and through the trees. 
*We walked over to Sertoma Park, where we had a picnic lunch that we had packed.
*Following lunch (okay, maybe in the middle of lunch since the kids were so distracted), the kids played on the playgrounds for a while. 

Whoa!  Look at all the yumminess inside!
*And to top off our outdoor adventure, we headed over to Cherry Berry and enjoyed a little frozen yogurt treat that we got to make ourselves!  You can still use this coupon to get 3 Free oz through Tuesday!

So all in all, a GREAT afternoon of fun and adventure and the only money we spent was on our treat at Cherry Berry and of course on our packed lunch (which by the way, you could do as simple as peanut butter sandwiches, a fruit cup and a bottle of I mentioned above, the kids were so distracted they didn't focus much on eating anyway! lol!)

What things do you like doing this time of year?  Where is your favorite spot to enjoy the outdoors?  I look forward to hearing your suggestions.  We are looking to do something special this week.

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