Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saving - Black Friday Electronics Comparison List & Top 15 List!

Below is a listing of different stores offering similar products and a price comparison.  This is only meant to give you an overview of popular electronics on sale on Black Friday and available in store.  You will want to consider brands, added bonuses, return policies, etc.  

You can view the full ad-scans for these businesses here. Simply scroll down and pick the business name along the right-hand side.

ElectronicGame StopKmartWalmartBest BuyTargetShopkoRadio Shack
Xbox 360 4GB$199.99$199.99$199.00*$199.99*$149.99**?$189.99***
PlayStation 3 160 GB$299.99$299.99$299.00$299.99*$299.99?$299.99
Dual Portable DVDn/a$79.99??$85.00?
32" Flat Screen TVn/a$329.99$198.00$327.99$327.99$269.99$279.99
Blu-Ray Disc Playern/a$99.99$94.00$59.99$99.99$99.99$119.99

*Bonus with item purchased
**$199.99, receive $50 Gift Card with purchase - also note receive additional $10 overall purchase gift card with Target's $100 purchase deal
***$199.99, receive $10 gift card

Also for a listing of the top 15 items for Black Friday shopping, check out this article here.

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