Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Saving/Living - Penny Per Ounce & Red White & Blue!

Just a reminder that the Gas Stop at the corner of 57th & Western is offering a construction special with penny per ounce fountain drinks and slushes!

A 20 ounce cup = $.20, a 32 ounce cup = $.32....well, you get the picture!

There is a bit of traffic woes in the area, but as long as you aren't going at high traffic times in the city, it really isn't that bad at all to get in there.

Yesterday we stopped in to grab slushes for the kids and my daughter decided she wanted a festive drink.  We built a red, white and blue slush.  Cherry on the bottom, Sprite flavor next and blue raspberry on top!  She was super excited and wanted me to share it with you all.  Simple, fun, cheap and festive!

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