Monday, July 22, 2013

Living - On The Grill: Strawberry & Peach Heaven!

I have been having fun this summer trying new things on the grill.  I hope to share more, as time allows.  I have a moment this evening and want to be sure to tell you about the recipe I put together tonight for a bit of Heaven in the mouth.  For now, we will call it Grilled Strawberry & Peach Heaven.

I made up a 4 aluminum "dishes" and filled them with slices of peaches and strawberries. 

Then I sprinkled the fruit with cinnamon, drizzled lightly with honey and then threw on about 8-10 miniature marshmallows.

The grill was heated to 375 degrees and I placed the "dishes" of fruit on the top rack, heating for about 15 minutes.

Not only does the fruit cook through nicely and the miniature marshmallows roast to a golden brown but a beautiful and a truly yummy, you-will-be-licking-it-off-the-foil juice develops at the bottom!

This dessert/side dish received 5 stars from the hubs, and my children, including the picky 4 year old!  I wanted to whip up another batch and indulge immediately!  It truly was perfect.

I would love to hear about your grilling dishes.  Leave a comment and share with us!

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