Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Living - End Of School Year Idea! Plus Barnes & Noble Coupon!

A friend on Facebook recently posted a fantabulous idea for the end of each school year, leading up to graduation day.  And it was so fun, I thought I would share it with you!

The idea:
Purchase the book "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" by Dr Seuss.  At the end of each year (best if you can start with Preschool or Kindergarten - but definitely not necessary!) have your child's teacher secretly sign the book with a few words (or as many as they want) about a memory of your child, where they see your child going in life, a few qualities about them, etc.

Repeat this at the end of each school year and then present the book to them graduation day!

How fun is that?!

Not familiar with the book, check this page out to read the book!  Definitely a fitting message for your grad and to have it filled with messages from their teachers throughout the year, well kinda tears me up just thinking about it.  Yes, I can be a bit sappy. *smile*

We don't currently have this book in our personal library, so I may purchase an extra copy to read with the kids to make additional memories with the book as well. 

Child Graduating This Year:
Maybe your child is graduating this year?  You could also grab this book and use it as a guest book at their open house!  Have the guests each write a message to the grad!

Pricing on the book:
And you know me, I had to do a little research on the cost of the book before just running out and purchasing it.  Below is what I found on a hardback copy.

Shopko - $17.99
Target - $16.58
Barnes & Noble (in store) - $17.99
*Be sure to use printable coupon for 15% off - here
Barnes & Noble (online) - $10.89

Want an even better deal online and delivered within 1-3 business days?  Here is a scenario for you:

Head over to Ebates (sign up and earn a bonus credit, if you aren't already signed up) and search Barnes & Noble so that you can earn 2% cashback.

When you are at the Barnes & Noble website, search for the book.  The Hardcover is currently priced at $10.89. 

After adding it to your shopping cart, enter code: T4T8J4A to save 15% on one item.

Choose Members Free Shipping 1-3 business days!  (This option is for B&N Members only, however if you aren't a current member you can sign up for a free 2 month trial to get the free shipping as well - cancel before the 2 month trial is over and you will not be charged for membership.) Woot!

Just purchased my copy for under $10 (even after tax) - and should have it before the end of the school year!

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