Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saving - Rummage Sale Tips + Post Your Rummage Here!

One of my favorite ways to help me stick to our family's budget is heading out to rummage/garage sales!  Since the season rummage/garage sales is starting to pick up pace, why not offer a place for you to check out some of the local rummages.  For those of you hosting sales, feel free to come here on a weekly basis and post your sales.  I will try to have a rummage sale post up by Tuesday evening of each week.  Include: dates you are open, times you are open, the address of the sale and items on your sale! 

A few tips on making the most of your shopping experience!

*There are 'neighborhood rummage sales' offered in many communities (Kingswood Rummages, Candlight Rummages, etc), even some city wide rummage sales (Garretson, Yankton, etc).  Finding several rummages located in the same area will help save on gas, especially if you can get out and walk from sale to sale.

*Consider what the cost of the product is new.  I personally do not pay more than 50% of what (I think) the item is new.  This is my personal opinion, but you may have your own thoughts on this.  But it is helpful to go in with a "game plan" on what you are willing to spend.

*Bring cash.  Small bills and change.  And leave the checkbook at home! Nothing worse, for a person who hosts a sale, to be handed over a $20 (or greater) bill to pay for something that costs $.50 and drain their change drawer!  :-) 

*Put together a list and count of how many items you are looking for, along with sizes.  If you are needing 4T boys shorts, be sure to include how many, maybe colors, etc.  Trust me on this.  I have unecessarily purchased loads of shorts or shirts before because I didn't go prepared.  Yes, they may have only cost $.50 or $1 each - but that is money I could have kept in savings or spent on something we certainly needed.

*When purchasing clothes, especially, be sure there is good lighting where you are looking at them.  If there is not, move to better lighting (such as outside the garage).  Nothing worse than getting home and finding that really cute shirt you purchased has a big stain on it that you didn't notice at the sale!  Or if you are purchasing something that runs on batteries or electricity make sure it works.  If its batteries and the ones in the item no longer work.  You may consider asking the seller if they have a set of batteries you can use to see if it works and return the batteries after testing the item.

*If you are teetering on purchasing an item due to the price, you may consider asking the seller if they would take a new amount, be specific on how much you are willing to pay for the item.  The seller may (or may not) be interested in getting rid of the item more than the original ticketed price.  The worst they can say is no, thank them and move on to decide if you really want it at the price marked.  You may also consider coming back at the end of their sale to see if the item has sold, if not, the seller may be more motivated to take a lower price.

*Carry a reusable bag, to help when at larger sales in carrying the items you want to purchase.

*Keep your eyes open for special items.  What do I mean?  Items that may have a 'repurpose' use for them.  For example an old tea pot can make a very cute flower planter in your yard (I just grabbed one this past weekend for a quarter), etc! 

*Be courteous - don't push, don't grab things that are in front of others, say please and thank you! I know, do we need to be reminded of this?  But in all seriousness, I have run into some rude people while out rummaging.

*Have fun!


  1. Kingswood rummage sale - 5908 37th St:
    This is the rummage that everyone was talking about last year! Everything is in top shape and name brand. Girls newborn-10/12, boys newborn-6, Halloween costumes, men's/ladies/maternity clothes in all sizes, Power Wheels scooter, jump house, Red Wagon, PS3 games, swings, walker, exersaucer, mobi wrap, baby bouncer, breast pumps, play gyms, Bjorn, bar stools, desk, ATV rims, toys and books for kids/adults.

    Open: 4/24 10A-8P, 4/25 10A-8P, 4/26 10A-8P

  2. 5606 31st St (Take Marion to 31st and head on over)!
    Hours: Starting Wed 8:30 running through Friday

    Items on sale:
    Clothing - boys to 4T, Girls 4/5 through 6, Women's size Small through Plus Size 26/28, Mens XXL

    Toys, Indoor and Outdoor



    Spiderman Ride On Toy

    Electric Heater Fireplace!

    Table Top Grill


    And SOOOOOOO much more!! Multi family sale!

    Thanks for stopping by to check us out!

  3. 7605 W Alexandra Street
    Fri. 5/4 4pm-8pm
    Sat. 5/5 8am-12pm

    Antique bed, bed frames, coffee table, kitchen table/chairs, rolling clothes rack, patio table, patio chairs, new and like-new shower curtains, lots of home decor, scrapbooking supplies, Precious Moments, much, much more.