Monday, April 2, 2012

Saving - Filling Plastic Easter Eggs: Non-Candy Ideas!

If you have been around the blog over the past couple years, you know that I challenge myself each year to come up with new and fun ideas to fill plastic Easter eggs with non-candy items.

Check out last year's post here for the start of a list.  I did include many of the ideas below.  PLEASE share your ideas in the comments as well!

Want some frugal Easter basket ideas, head on over here (this is a post from last year).

Neutral Ideas:
*Magnets (that they can use on the refrigerator or special magnet board to hang their artwork...check out the homemade magnet idea here)
*Yogurt covered raisins
*Chuck E Cheese's Tokens or other local arcade
*Culvers tokens (apparently they sell tokens valid for a free ice cream, didn't know this until the kids received some for Valentine's Day!)
*Burger King, Dairy Queen or Culvers coupons good for the kids free ice cream treat that come from the kid's meals.  If you have unused ones that you have been holding onto, why not put them in the eggs and plan a date with the kids to use them!
*Undies (We did this with my daughter when she was potty training and she was SO excited, so this year we plan to do it with our son!)
*Numbered token/paper - the number could designate a numbered "prize", things that are too big to fit in an egg but fun to get for Spring like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, bug containers, butterfly nets, sunglasses, etc!
*Homemade coupons - 'this coupon is good for 1 trip to the zoo' or 'this coupon is good for a special day with Daddy (or Mommy)', or 'this coupon is good for a movie at the theatre or your choice to pick out a rental' or  'this coupon is good for your choice of treat/adventure', etc!
*Temp Tattoos
*Animal Crackers
*Teddy Grahams
*Goldfish Crackers
*Fruit snacks
*Bouncy Balls
*Squirt Toys for bath
*Coins (quarters, dimes, etc)
*Art supplies: Crayons, glitter glue, glue sticks, punches, etc
*Water balloons
*Punch balloons
*Flower or other Gardening Seeds
*Mini Notebooks
*Mini sticky note pads
*Crystal Light or other brand drink packets or the Kool-Aid fizz tablets
*Bath fizzers and other fun bath items
*Band-aids with their favorite characters
*"Bunny Money" - maybe some fun money you make up that can be used to "purchase" different toys, books or trinkets.
*Clues - written or typed clues to finding some other item.  Maybe offer 4-5 different cluess in different eggs.  These clues could also be clues to finding their Easter basket.
*Puzzle pieces - could be to a new puzzle - or maybe even a homemade puzzle with a message about Jesus or a surprise.

Girl Ideas:
*Polly Pockets (big eggs) or polly pocket accessories
*Littlest Pet Shop pets or accessories
*Hair Accessories
*Lip balms
*Nail polish (those cute tiny bottles would be super fun)
*Barbie outfits

Boy Ideas:
*Hot Wheel size cars
*Animal Capsules (the ones that 'grow' in water)
*Army Guys or other small superheros, etc
*Small creatures (bugs, dinosaurs, animals)
*Accessories for their toys
*Nerf gun darts or pop gun shells
*Fishing lures

I am sure you have ideas too!  Be sure to leave them in the comments!

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