Thursday, March 1, 2012

Living - My Improvised Coat Hook Area For Kids!

I've always dreamed of an area inside the front door that is large enough for a bench and hooks/cubbies for the kids.  Well, the space in our house does not allow for a bench, so that was out.  And if I were to hang hooks near the door, they would have to be placed up too high, out of the reach of the kids so that simply defeated the purpose.

After some thought, I was able to come up with a reasonable solution to compromise and, well sort of make my dreams come true!  Don't you love those little compromises.  We do what we can!

The solution:
I purchased 2 Command Brushed Nickel Finish Large Hooks at Menards when they had them on sale, and yes I used a coupon too!
 :-) (If you are interested, you can currently grab a coupon for them here.)

At the top of the steps of our split-foyer home, is a closet door.  I hung the hooks on the outside of the closet door, at a level within reach of the kids.  The kids helped with this part. The hooks were super easy to hang and they are made with a beautiful nickel finish, so they look cute even when they are empty! 

The kids now hang their backpacks and their coats as soon as they get to the top of the steps.  They do look pretty cute when the backpacks and coats are hung on them.  And even more importantly, I no longer have random bags or coats laying around the house, hung over my banister or missing from action in the morning when we are getting ready to for school. 

The kids know where their items belong and are responsible for putting them away each time we come in the door.  The 3 year old thinks it is the coolest thing ever!  And it certainly makes this Mommy very happy! 

The project cost just around $10 (2 hooks), so I didn't break the bank either!  As for the bench, we bring in a foot stool to sit on while putting on and taking off boots so the kiddos don't get wet.

I know it isn't the beautiful picture in my dreams, but it is certainly a functional area and helps the kids take ownership of their items, so I love it!  What do you think?!  What other ideas do you have?!  Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

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