Friday, December 7, 2012

Saving - 10 Premium Car Washes Just $28! WOW!

There is a fantastic deal on Groupon today.  Grab 10 Premium Car Washes at The Gas Stop for just $28, that's just $2.80 a wash!  This is a fantastic deal.  I often use the car wash at the 57th/Western location and it does a nice job.  The Premium washes regularly sell for $8 a whopping 65% savings!

Check out all you get with the Premium Wash!

The car washes are valid at all Gas Stop locations, except the one at 22nd/Minn in Sioux Falls.

Just head on over to Groupon and purchase the deal.  Then turn in your voucher before 1/15/13 to receive 10 individual car wash certificates in return that can be used anytime before 1/15/14!

Talk about fantastic stocking stuffers!  Use them all for one person or divide them out!  Bus driver gifts, teacher gifts, hubby gifts!

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