Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Saving - Engergizer Max 8 Ct Batteries Free (After Cash Back)!

UPDATE: Great news!  The battery packs are showing in the regular sale ad this week, with sale price valid through 12/10!  YAY!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to grab the specially marked packs as indicated below.  The sticker on the package is YELLOW - do NOT grab the ones that say Toy Cash, as this offer is expired.

I flipped through the online HyVee ad today and noticed the above deal on Energizer batteries and went to check it out.

You purchase 2 Energizer Max 8 ct at HyVee for $4 each that are specially marked with a yellow sticker "get $8 in Bunny Birthday Bucks" and you will receive $8 check back in the mail OR a $10 Walmart gift card when you enter the 2 codes online!

Check out this deal:

Purchase 2 Energizer Max 8 ct batteries $4
Use 2 $1/1 Energizer battery coupons here
= $6
Submit for $8 check back or $10 Walmart gift card
= 2 Free packs of batteries (and a bit of a money maker)!

In the HyVee ad under the battery information it states a limit of 4 $8 rebates per household.  Wow!  And although the sale price of $4 per package ends today, the rebate will still be valid beyond today.  I don't know what HyVee's regular price is on the 8 ct package, but most likely will still be a nice deal with coupon and rebate!

Great time to stock up for those holiday gifts the kids will be unwrapping soon!

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