Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saving - Homemade Jack-o-lantern Pizza!

Typically the week of Halloween, the Papa Murphy take and bake stores around here offer a jack-o-lantern pizza for under $10.

But if you have just a little time on your hands, you truly can make your own and save some 'dough'!  (Truly couldn't resist.)

Purchase a homemade pizza dough mix (typically just takes a little water and oil to mix in).  We like the Chef Boyardee pizza kit (grab it at Fareway, it is a little cheaper than HyVee)!  It includes dough mix, sauce and parmesan cheese.  Grab some pepperoni and shredded cheese and you are set. 

Make your homemade crust as directed.  Place on your trusty pizza pan and shape dough with a little "stem" on top.  Add your sauce.  Place on your toppings of choice, cover with cheese.  Use pepperoni (or olives...or both) to make your jackolantern face.   Bake as directed on dough package.

The kids will have so much fun helping you make this festive pizza!

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